Thanksgiving Turkey Place Holder Craft

Last year Carol Bridgeman submitted this craft to our MOPS newsletter and we wanted to share it online this year as well. Carol explains, "Our family has done this craft every Thanksgiving. They serve as place holders for our dinner table, one for each person. Everyone's turkey looks different, some are sparsely feathered, some feather heavy! Each person chooses which flavor of spice drops they want to eat, and it is a fun activity early in the day for the whole family. I suppose you could have prizes for the best turkey, but for us, it has always just been enough to do the activity. My favorite memories of Thanksgiving are of Jeff's dad making his turkey alongside all the grandchildren."

Supplies Needed:

Red Delicious Apples


Spice Drop (or Gum Drop) Candies

Brown Construction Paper or Cardstock


  1. Make a turkey neck/head out of brown paper or cardstock. Draw an eye on both sides and a red wattle. (You can also use red paper for the wattle if you wish.)

  2. Lay the apple on its side and cut a slit on the stem end of the apple. Stick in the paper head.

  3. At the other end of the apple, use two toothpicks for legs to stablize the turkey on the bottom.

  4. On the top, make as many "feathers" as you like by skewering the spice drops on toothpicks and sticking them into the apple.

  5. Use your finished turkeys as place holders at your Thankgsiving meal!

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